A Picture is Worth …

The Pied-?-terre

Remember when I used to do these posts?

A Picture is Worth …

They were a shameless copy of Joan’s Snapshot ” posts which featured one photo, expertly styled, and stunningly captured (all of her photos are) with little or no writing. They were quick, refreshing, and left you longing for more.

They were the precursor to Instagram!

I remember asking Joan if I could reproduction her … Converting the call of course.

My mother raised me better.

Of course Joan …

(and within the event you don’t know who this Joan is)

she writes the fabulous blog For the Love of a House

granted me full permission to be a piece of a plagiarist,

and I began in her footsteps.

I figured while I’m working on the pied-à-terre, it might be useful to revive these posts.

So you could see what’s going on.

As it takes place.

Like information.


I’ll be posting soon about the FABULOUS art framed on either side of the mirror above the couch.

Until then, here it is.

Phase One, View One.

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