A Picture is Worth …

Anyway, I’m sure that instagram was around back then, but I didn’t have an account. I don’t think Joan did either. She does now though, which you can follow here . Those little snapshot posts keep blog readers excited about the house and decor, the same way that many instagram users are excited by the one photo posts from Joan, and others. Joan has 8,719 followers by the way. A number that will change by this evening I’m sure. I have 49. FORTY NINE! If I didn’t love her so much, I would be jealous, but I know she deserves the love and adoration. She’s insanely talented, and her home is a stunning reflection of her style, and her years and years of collecting.

I’ve linked my instagram to the blog, so you can see photos on the sidebar, if you actually log on to read. So many of you get this feed directly in your email.

By the way, if you do get it in your email, and I love that you do, my book review links don’t work. The HTML isn’t recognized in the email feed, so if there’s a book review you love, come log on to the blog, and you can click the link that way!

If you follow along with me on instagram, you’ll see that I’m not a prolific poster. Not yet, anyway. I just started the account a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve not made many posts. Most of them have been either fabric, or flowers – which seems to be what my life is consumed with at this point:

I felt like posting pictures like that here would be unnecessary, but I figure why not pick back up with the ‘A Picture is Worth …’ posts and that way you can see things that may or may not be on instagram, with or without an account.

Sound good?


Besides, it gives me a reason to blog when I’m feeling like I have absolutely nothing to say between book reviews. So, without further ado …

afternoon light on the new chair and brass wrapped and riveted trunk

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