Book Review: How We Live

Many of you know that I love to read, no, indulge in interior design books. They can provide a much needed respite to a busy or hectic week; they can provide unabridged inspiration for your projects, your client projects, your dream projects; they can and most usually do give you a fascinating and absolutely voyeuristic point of view into what it means to truly live beautifully.

Recently I read How We Live, by Marcia Prentice . For those of you who don’t know, Marcia is a self-taught American photographer, living in Los Angeles. She also happens to be a very talented interior designer, with a degree from FDIM in LA. Her photography has been featured in Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair Italia, and Casa International (Beijing). In fact, you may also know her as a key contributor to the blog Apartment Therapy.

Her photography is inspired by her love for travel, and her zest for interior design. When Sunset Magazine did their 2014 Idea House in Los Angeles, a beautiful black and white beach aerial was used in the living room, a photo captured by Marcia, inspired by the location of the home in Manhattan Beach:

Take that level of skill and natural ability, frame it with a degree in interior design and a passion for homes and travel, and you’ll find the first book from Prentice. Somewhat of a photographic anthology on design and travel. A remarkable collection of images detailing the lived-in, well curated, and private homes and studios of 18 designers’ and artists’ from cities around the world! Imagine being able to sit down with a glass of wine, and a photo album of beautifully captured photos of homes, rooms, spaces, and places you’d never be invited to otherwise. It’s an “I can’t stop turning pages” and “I wish I could ask questions” sort of moment we design-minded people just itch for!

From Mumbai to Marrakech, Prentice photographed these spaces – each so different from the other, to capture the intimacy of each personal and private space. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and with 224 pages of brilliant and vivid pictures taking you on a global journey, it’s impossible to write a narrative that will compare. So, I’ll turn my words off and share some of my favorite images from the book!

Beirut, Lebanon, Photo ? 2015 Marcia Prentice

Marrakech, Morocco, Photo ? 2015 Marcia Prentice

Marrakech, Morocco, Photo ? 2015 Marcia Prentice

Marrakech, Morocco, Photo ? 2015 Marcia Prentice

Mumbai, India, Photo ? 2015 Marcia Prentice

London, England, Photo ? 2015 Marcia Prentice

ALL PHOTOS © How We Live by Marcia Prentice

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