Book Review: One Year on a Bike

I have notion lots these days about which e book from the many I nonetheless ought to review need to take the spot for the 100th. I’ve spent a awesome deal of time over the past 2-years sharing critiques of books targeted on indoors design, gardening, architecture, travel, cooking, and pleasing. Recently I’ve commenced reviewing images and espresso desk books as properly, and I admire the time that you all take to read what I think of those lovely volumes. If you’ve got a weblog, or have ever attempted to begin a blog, you understand that the key to being unique is original content material. These ebook evaluations have come to be a consistent move of original content right here on Color Outside the Lines, and I will retain adding more because the weeks and months progress. Again thanks for reading the evaluations and shopping those books, and following together with the blog!

Now, on to the review. I picked this book as the 100th book review because if I had the opportunity to do this, spend one year on a bike – meeting new people, trying new things, and seeing new places – I would jump at the chance! One Year on a Bike, published by Gestalten is a sort of luxury scrapbook of the journey of one man, one bike, one long ride, and the adventures, pleasures, and pain. Martijn Doolaard used kickstarter to crowdsource the funds to begin the journey of taking a one-year sabbatical to make the seemingly impossible cycling trip from Amsterdam to Singapore.

The book is a web page with the aid of web page recounting of the high-quality journey thru Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, India, and South East Asia. Take a look:

One Year on a Bike is nothing short of beautiful, not only for the amazing images that were captured for the more than 360-pages, but for the endurance of Doolard throughout the journey. You can imagine how lonely one year on a bicycle could be, traveling more than 10,000 miles – sleeping in the wild – and the challenges that you’d face on such an adventure. But there are stories of love and acceptance, understanding and compassion, too!

If you’ve ever wanted to challenge your normal, and adventure into the unknown, One Year on a Bike is the perfect book for you to own. Live vicariously until you’re ready to make your own leap, no matter how large. Inspiring and beautiful, see more and grab your copy via the Amazon link below:

One ultimate note: If you’ve checked out shopping my copies below the SHOP web page and have not been able to click on on any of the buttons, I suppose I’ve constant that problem. Take a study the brand new books delivered to that web page nowadays!

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