Book Review: Patternity – A New Way of Seeing

Patternity: A New Way of Seeing: The Inspiration Power of Pattern

with the aid of Anne Murray and Grace Winteringham

Published by means of Conran Octopus 2015

Pattern is everywhere we go and in everything we do. Of course, as design minded people we know that pattern exists in everything in the home, from fabric to wallpaper to carpet; but there are millions of patterns we fail to see, or likely pay no attention to. PATTERNITY , a comprehensive archive of pattern compiled with the aid of Anne Murray and Grace Winteringham is a habit-forming website you’ll need to know if you don’t already, and their book Patternity: A New Way of Seeing: The Inspiration Power of Pattern will become as wonderful a resource! The book considers pattern in three parts:

Curiosity – pattern thought and focus

Collaboration – pattern innovation and championing move-disciplinary collaboration

Connectivity – sample exploration, interconnectivity and scale, from micro to macro

Their site, and their new book, is more than just a carefully collected vault of beautiful images, showcasing pattern. It’s a sort of social study in pattern – in life – and what we see and don’t see, what we experience without truly grasping, and how we are all connected to our environment and each other through pattern we experience equally, every minute of our day.

The e book is an anthology of vibrant and beautiful pictures. Truly a coffee table e book via design at the same time as maintaining a textual content book integrity with treasured and skillful introductions and reasons by means of the authors. A few of my preferred photos, and their pattern rationalization:

Car Park Crosses, PATTERNITY, Hong Kong


The rarest of all obviously taking place shapes, it has stimulated our environment in a myriad of diffused methods, from dress and skirt shapes to church spires and even rocket additives.

Bending Bin, PATTERNITY, Croatia


A disruption of lucidity, instantly recognizable, deeply pacifying. No in which is the square greater truely employed as a symbol of cutting-edge civilization than in a metropolis rectangular: a public space that turned into created for political mediation and social interaction.

Lane Lines, Rory van Millingen, fashion: Kiko Kostadinov


The stripe serves to add person and identity, easy and unique, binary.

The book goes into great intellectual detail about shape, texture, and design – asking for thoughtful consideration of the balance and interconnectivity of pattern in our environments. If you’re a reader (and I’m sure many of you are – hence this blog) and you’re also a lover of design – you’ll definitely want to putPatternity: A New Way of Seeing: The Inspiration Power of Pattern on your Must Have list.

With the education you’ll receive of how pattern works, how it’s perceived and how we meander through pattern to create looks that are covetable – you’ll be able to look at your home, your wardrobe, and your environment in a whole new way!  Grab your copy via the Amazon link below.

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