Book Review: Veranda Retreats

We’re kicking off a week of book reviews with a really lovely book! Veranda Retreats is the fifth book published by Hearst, dedicated to the houses featured in the eponymous Veranda magazine. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the shelter magazine, and the look that it has created as it’s signature. The homes featured are always stylish, filled with quality furniture and art, with an elegance that runs the gamut – from simple to devilishly lavish. Veranda Retreats, like the books that precede it doesn’t disappoint! If you’re an avid reader of the magazine, wishing that the first 150 pages were filled with more houses, and less ads for carpets, appliances, and chandeliers – welcome to your wish come true!

While the magazine actually does play to a acquainted aesthetic, there are varied subject matters all through the e-book. Most of what you will locate is the washed hued rooms we’ve got come to like, just like the visitor bed room above, however there are 25 houses, all formerly featured in the magazine – every with their own unique inspiring factors. Senior editor of Veranda, Mario Lopez-Cordero does a outstanding task explaining these areas and their great factors, helped via over 2 hundred colored photographs for super illustration!

Definitely a lovely collection of expertly captured photographs to encourage you for each room, and a massive and heavy book perfect on your library or espresso table. Take a more in-depth appearance, and take hold of your replica via the Amazon link below:

And, if you’re interested in checking out any of the other Veranda books, here they are! I only own The Houses of Veranda, which I’ve yet to review, but I can tell you that it’s every bit as wonderful as Veranda Retreats.

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