Botanical Project Reveal

So, I’m Truely excited to share with you not only my little project reveal, but the links to the reveals from 3 other super talented ladies who were taking part in the same little DIY challenge. Before we get started with my reveal, I have to thank Kelley of the Polished Pebble for bestowing this opportunity upon us! Thank you, Kelley!

Remember, we had been given eight general sheets, and asked to frame them for much less than $20. What a assignment, huh? So, I located those fabulous spindles and put up caps at Buffalo ReUse and knew that I needed to use them by some means. At $five.Forty four, they fit perfectly in my "price range" and that they have been manner too excellent to bypass up! So what did I do?

There you have it! Double sided frames on old spindle stands! I LOVE THEM! I mean, Truely, truly, want to make 1.000 LOVE THEM! I took the bases and crewed the spindles through the bottom after cutting the spindles to the desired height.

I then lucked into some $1 8×10 solid wood frames with glass panes (unfinished) at Dollar Tree. I knew that I was going to paint the entire piece, so I bought them ($8) and ran (literally) home to get started.

As you can see, one side is the framed antique writing, and the other side is the framed botanical. Two separate frames, wood glued together and then glued to the top of the spindle.

I left this side unfinished so you can see that it’s actually two separate frames back to back. But of course, the antique pages are smaller than 8×10,  but not 5×7 so you would have had to have a custom mat to fit them in the 8×10 frames. UNLESS, you’re creative and have burlap on hand (which I did) …

and voila! I simply wrapped the back of the frame with burlap and then laid the botanical page on the burlap, attaching it with brass push-pins (which also came from Dollar Tree [$1 for 100!!!]). The paint finish is one that I have to admit is a happy accident. I used a watered down gold acrylic craft paint as the base, and then used aTruely watered down latex paint: (MS Fieldstone).

The frames, spindles, and bases were all painted the same way at the same time before the botanicals were put in the frames. Don’t you love the shape of these antique solid wood spindles?

Love them, and I hope you do, too! Good news is … there are TONS of other inspiration photos on the other blogs participating in the same event!

Kelley : Polished Pebble

Melaine : My Sweet Savannah

Andrea : Faded Plains

Please depart a comment letting me know what you suspect of the finished product, after which head over to test out the other inventive and innovative posts! See you Tuesday!

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