Bye Bye Nate …

I’m home, exhausted. My thoughts still reeling with the days activities, pinching myself asking, "Was this actual?"

I know I hinted to you all ultimate week that I had exciting information, and today, I can share with you that I could be at the Nate Berkus show. We filmed the phase these days, and I will update all of you as soon as I know the air date. Additionally, I’ll try to put up the unique portion of the phase at the sidebar so that you can all see me and Nate communicate about splendid design on a finances.

This was a wonderful and eye opening experience. Nate Berkus, and the staff of the show, are friendly, (a box of smiles and laughter, really!) and gorgeous. All of them! Talk about pressure.

Give me a nights sleep to decompress and acquire my thoughts and pictures – and I’ll get back with you the following day on all of the juicy news!

Thanks ladies and gentlemen! It’s due to all of you that these possibilities are making themselves ever present, and I’m extra thankful than I can explicit!



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