Charlotte & Ivy

Charlotte & Ivy

There are hundreds of website/stores out there, selling a variety of home decor and accessories. What was once thought to be a niche market, has now exploded, and the internet drowns those of us interested in these sorts of things with more bad than good. That’s why when I found Charlotte & Ivy when looking for accessories for the barn, I had to share my amazing experience … and my find!

The library table in the barn was filled with books on interior design from my library, brass pheasants that another interior designer snatched up, and some gorgeous Ming Dynasty Baluster Jarsfrom Charlotte & Ivy.

As you all know by now, I’m an avid collector of all things blue and white. I enjoy immensely the challenge of finding great pieces to add to my collection. When I saw these jars on Charlotte & Ivy , I knew they’d be perfect in the barn – and I crossed my fingers that when they arrived they’d be as beautiful in person as they were on the site.

Boy were they! Heavy, large, and beautiful – they were everything that they promised to be and more. They have that wonderful antique patina, and a beautiful Asian scenery that is playful and romantic. They were perfect in the barn, and more than half of the 2,000 people who came to the show last weekend asked me where they could find them! I figured, if they loved them that much, you would too!

The jars can be found on the Charlotte&Ivy site here, and the rest of their lovely blue and white collection can be searched here. I promise, you won’t be disappointed in their products – I sure wasn’t and they’ll be my go-to source for blue and white pieces for myself and my clients from now on! Shipping was quick and the pieces were perfectly packaged – not a thing out of place, and the quality – it CAN NOT be matched!

Now that I’m all cleaned out at the barn, I really want to show off some of the pieces that I used that I particularly found note worthy, likeCharlotte & Ivy. If you’re gonna shop – might as well shop the best places around, right!?

Talk to you soon!

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