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When I cataloged the reason I loved the 20 Top Living Rooms on my list of 50, I showed you this room by interior designer Mary McDonald:

It’s a lovely room – for so many reasons. I honestly love every last piece in this room – but beneath this picture in the Top 20 List, I wrote Blue and White is a must have for any great living room. A lot of people consider Chinese porcelains to be perennial. They bring them out in the spring, and put them away in the fall. Not me! Nor do some of my good bloggy friends …

The Barn Room – Joan, For the Love of a House Blog

Probably the most amazing house I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, not to mention the sweetest owners and 4-legged resident, Ella, Joan and her husband Dan have a remarkable home. I’m sure you’ve all gone over and seen her house, I don’t know many people in the blog world who haven’t gotten inspiration from Joan! But, I digress, the reason for this picture, the blue and white Chinese porcelains on the bar.

Joan’s husband Dan could probably make a lamp out of anything. Not to mention a dozen other things! He’s a gifted creator, and I walked around their house in awe of some of the things Joan and Dan collaborated on to build lamps from scratch!

The Reading Room – Joan, For the Love of a House Blog

Dan has made Joan a couple of lamps from her collection of antique Chinese porcelains, including this temple jar. Joan’s mix of high-end antiques and Ikea, painted furniture in fine fabrics with linen and burlap, it all appears to be effortless. In reality, it’s crafted with great talent and care, a refusal to deviate from her own decorating advice: “Buy what you love!” Love Joan, Dan, Ella – and their blue and white porcelains!

Family Room – Joni Webb, Cote de Texas

If you don’t immediately know who this room belongs to – you haven’t been introduced to the amazing Joni Webb. Her home in Houston is probably one of the most coveted among the Houston-style lovers. Seagrass, white linen slipcovers, antiques and the random scattering of the most trendy things around – Joni has her finger on the pulse of interior design. So, when she leaves her blue and white porcelain out all year long – you know it’s ok!

Dining Room – Joni Webb, Cote de Texas

From the rustic luxury of Joan’s barn room, to the feminine formality of Joni’s dining room – blue and white porcelains can bridge any interior design style, and fit seamlessly into any room.

Courtyard – Mark D. Sikes, Mark D Sikes Blog

Then there is the covetable courtyard of Mark D. Sikes. His home with partner Michael and HRH Lilly, has been featured in LonnyMag, House Beautiful, and about every interior design blog – including an interview he did with me, here .

Like Joni, Mark has several Chinese porcelain garden stools, both inside and out, and a collection of pots, jars, bowls and planters that would make your head spin!

Living Room – Mark D. Sikes, Mark D Sikes Blog

As you can see, each of these three bloggers have a different design aesthetic, but blue and white porcelain works in each of their houses without fail! And they’re all in different climates, too! So while Mark and Joni might enjoy their blue and white porcelains on their patio’s year round in California and Texas, Joan spends a long New Hampshire winter enjoying hers in the cozy comforts of her barn room. How many other design accessories can you pay that compliment to?

Our Dining Room

At our house, I have blue and white ginger jars in every room. Some of them hide little things I don’t want to leave out – but definitely need, and others are empty.

Our Bar

I use plates, bowls, and saki cups for vignettes with other things, like wicker, crystal, silver, and bamboo.

Our Living Room

And I use my blue and white garden stools to hold books, bowls, the occasional glass of wine or cheese plate … even as additional seating. Bowls and the cutest little trinket boxes are atop my antique leather trunk turned coffee table, and the list goes on and on.

Recently I purchased these temple jars to add to my collection:

I got an email a couple of days after I posted my Top 20 rooms, asking me if I could give sources for budget friendly blue and white porcelain. Of course, there are the jars at Wisteria:

Collection at Wisteria is $239

I’ve used this set for clients, and purchased the small and large ones individually. They’re really great, and have a vintage look, far better than the cheaper ones you can find at HomeGoods. If you have a design friend who can buy at wholesale, you can count on Tozai Home to have good deals. Then, there’s eBay.

I like to buy my porcelain from the seller, RoyalYorkArt . Their collection ranges from the truly antique, to the 20th century vintage, to even new made to look old. (Like Wisteria’s). But the prices are fantastic! Many of their listings are Buy-it-Now with Free or very inexpensive shipping, and some auctions start out at just 99 cents!!!

My favorite listings at the moment include these vases, which I’ve decided if they aren’t snagged by one of my reader friends, they’ll be coming home with me on Friday:

Buy it Now for just $199, Free Shipping … FOR THE PAIR!!!

These ginger jars, at just $30 with less than a day left in the auction!

And this pair of temple jars for just $109.99 plus $30 shipping!

So there you go – my source!! Now, off to dream about those vases … have a great week!!

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