Couture Praire And Flea Market Treasures: Rachel Ashwell

While I don’t typically blog about that shabby chic style that the remarkable Rachel Ashwell has so beautifully curated and made known world wide, her book: Couture Prarie and Flea Market Treasures really appealed to me. I’m sure it’s partly because it chronicles the ranch Ashwell bought in my home state of Texas, but mostly because of the strong vignettes in the book. We all have tons of things that we purchase because we absolutely love them in the store – but then get them home and have no idea where they are going to go. Or, worse yet, we know exactly where it will go, and we get it home, and it’s not right. That’s when having a library of gorgeous interior design inspiration comes in handy.

Now, a short story of wherein you’ll be taken on this e book. What was formally a Bed and Breakfast known as the Outpost, Ashwell bought the ranch at some point of a experience to Roundtop, the Texas antique show filled with beauty at each nook, and greater designers than you could throw a stick at, choosing up things at excellent Texas prices and taking them again to California to sell them for 2 to 5x that charge. After buying the ranch, she renamed it, "THE PRARIE" and set out on a 12-yr project making the farmhouse and the outlaying barns suit her Shabby Chic vision.

It’s no longer subtle, it is not fussy – it’s exactly what the identify indicates; Flea Market treasures lumped together to create this state-of-the-art surroundings of ‘Praire long past Ashwell’.

The ranch has eight structures, such as her Texas Shabby Chic Couture Shop, and nonetheless acts as a bed and breakfast for the lucky few in the course of their trip to Roundtop. The individuals who stay here can check drive the Rachel Ashwell logo of merchandise, bedding, furnishings, fabric, and wallpapers before they make the selection to apply them of their very own home.

So, if you are looking for a great book filled with pages of Shabby Chic inspiration, or just would enjoy having another resource for interior design vignettes, beautifully done – pick up a copy of Couture Praire and Flea Market Treasures by Rachel Ashwell, photos by Amy Neunsigner. Published by Ryland Peteres CICO Books in London .

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