Design Blogger Hall of Fame Nomination …

This afternoon I got a note from my friend Michele of My Notting Hill , congratulating me on my Blogger Hall of Fame nomination. I emailed her back this: Huh?!?!?!

I then set out to find what exactly she was talking about and I landed on this page . I was and am (seeing as how this has all happened in the last 20-minutes) overwhelmed with excitement. I had no idea these awards existed! (I know, shameful!)

Apparently, one of my fine readers, nominated Color Outside the Lines for an award under the category: Best Writing on a Design Blog! The judging panel then chose the Top 5 blogs who met the following criteria:

Demonstrates excellence in the use of the English language.

(My English professors would be so proud!)

Writes with an original voice that conveys a personal style.

Consistently conveys original, insightful and entertaining messages.

Must have consistently and frequently posted in the past year.

So, this means – you love my blog, and, the judging panel who then investigates all of the nominations to pick the Top 5 loved it, too! The voting is 50% judging panel and 50% community vote through the votes that are received on the website between now and February 12, 2014. The winner from each category is presented with the award at the Design Bloggers Conference, and since the awards are presented by Traditional Home, the winners are included in a list of TradHome’s Blogs to Read in the 2014 Spring Issue.

I’m so honored to be nominated, and if you’d like to vote for me – you can do so by clicking on this link: and submitting your ballot. Thanks again to whomever nominated me, and to the design panel at the Hall of Fame for including Color Outside the Lines in your Top 5.

The next book review is coming soon!

(I can’t believe January is almost over and I haven’t even put a dent in the list!)

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