FRIDAY: Vignette Fridays

I’ve loved blogging (almost) every day this August, but by far this month, I have been so happy with the participation in Vignette Fridays, and appreciate and applaud each and everyone of you who is joining this week, and those of you who joined last week, and all the weeks before! I made an effort to visit each of you personally, for making my first week of Vignette Friday more than just a post about my vignettes! You’re all the best! The button to post on your blog this week is here:

Please post it to let everyone know that you are participating, and direct them back to Color Outside the Lines to see all of the other vignettes! At the bottom of the page, you’ll find where you can add your link thanks to inlinkz! This week, I am sharing the vignette I put together last fall on the old train cart in my living room. The old Belgian Sap Pots were a Brimfield find, along with the old rosary beads.

I’ll have a post that’s going to share a secret I’ve been keeping for a while next week – so keep your ears and eyes tuned! 🙂

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