Juan Pablo Molyneux and the 3,000 Mile Journey

Today’s tale is a piece of a thoughts bender, however it is a great one. It starts offevolved with this apartment in New York City. The apartment itself is a in a landmark constructing at the Upper East Side and belongs to long time customers of across the world famend interior clothier, Juan Pablo Molyneux. This story is a component before and after, element sisterhood of the travelling decor; but both components upload up to lovely and exciting interiors.

First, the earlier than of the Manhattan rental.

From everything I can locate, the only room that was ever published from this Manhattan condominium became this grand salon. Finding an condo of this size inside the Big Apple would not come cheap. The owners shelled out $9 MILLION for the gap, and probably another MILLION in applied moldings, hand gilt by means of Russian artists, and that Chinoiserie mural.

The room before, I make an apology for photograph quality.

After. It’s top notch what molding can do for a room, proper? Molyneux completely changed the extent of class on this area with that choice by myself. Let alone all the lovely pieces that fill the distance.

A view looking down into the distance, displaying the opening to the library and 2d level Juliet balcony. Here are you able to get an awesome concept of ways big this room truely is, with all the humans accumulated there.

More after’s from Molyneux’s website:

This room was a grand function inside the ebook NEW YORK SPLENDOR, which you may locate here:

In 2014 Architectural Digest did a story on an ocean front home in Pebble Beach, California that Molyneux did for a long time client and friend. The owner was never named, and frankly it fell off my radar.

Writing a weblog post like this, for me, is like placing together a puzzle that occasionally I actually have saved away for years. Often times there are notes at the portions, matters I want to don’t forget in the occasion I ever move seeking to put it returned together. I bought NEW YORK SPLENDOR, noticed this room, and bookmarked the page. There changed into something about it that appeared familiar, but I wasn’t sure what.

A few days ago, while bored, I came across the real estate listing for the ocean front home in Pebble Beach that Molyneux did way back in 2014. That’s when the puzzle started to fit! First, let’s take a look at some of the photos ( by Roger Davies ) fromthe AD article:

Beautiful, no? Even searching at these snap shots now, all in a row like this – knowing what I recognise – I wouldn’t draw the connection. It wasn’t till I saw real estate list pictures that I started to put it all collectively.


The unique estate was delivered onto through Molyneux and the present proprietors. This gallery changed into photographed for the list.


Starting to jog your reminiscence? Anything searching familiar?

Yep! A 3,000 mile adventure for a pair of concrete orbs. But there’s extra!

Remember the cardboard desk, to the proper of this image?

It too, came along for the trip.

As did the camel. The couple nevertheless own the condo inside the city, and are attempting to liquidate the Pebble Beach belongings after owning it for best four years in spite of everything renovations were complete, for $16.5 MILLION greenbacks, although because it has been held and transferred through severa confined legal responsibility agencies, the most effective real component we need to go upon for reality in ownership is the decor that made the country wide trek to stay a short time in a home steps from the Pacific.

For extra on Molyneaux:

For extra on the condominium in Manhattan:

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