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It would be very hard for me to tell you which of my collection of interior design books would be my favorite. In fact, I can’t narrow it down to one, but I can tell you that Mary McDonald is my favorite interior designer, and her book, Mary McDonald Interiors – The Allure of Style is one of my top 5 most used books. At least once weekly, I flip through the pages of Mary’s first book – soaking up color pairings, vignettes, layering tips, fabric pattern pairings – accessory inspiration – you name it, and it can be found beautifully captured in the pages of The Allure of Style.

Many of the splendid photographs in the e book are of homes that McDonald has in fact lived in, including her Hollywood Hills home this is been photographed in almost every shelter mag, and the Brentwood mansion she as soon as shared with ex-longtime-boyfriend, Beverly Hills developer John Bersci. That home changed into truely what added me to McDonald, when it became published in Veranda, all decorated for Christmas in 2008.

I love searching through the rooms of a designers personal home, generally because usually a designer makes use of their very own domestic as a canvas of kinds. Things that pop into their very talented and gifted minds that they both don’t have a patron for, or cannot convince a patron of, commonly get played out in the rooms that they see each day. Take for example, inside the bed room above, in Mary’s Hollywood Hills home as photographed for her e book. Lovely, proper? But we all noticed Mary alternate this room as a part of the Bravo collection: Million Dollar Decorators.

(If you don’t know what I am talking about, you can watch the house tour and see this after here .)

And right here again, the equal room as above in Mary’s Hollywood Hills domestic all executed in deep military blue and blush pinks. You see a whole lot of this transition in Mary’s e book – and it genuinely gives you a deep appreciation for the extraordinary approaches a room may be transformed by way of color.

The ebook additionally includes the numerous rooms of the last task Mary completed with Bersci, a $29 million greenback property in prestigious Brentwood, California. Expertly staged for pix and bought with an choice for additionally selecting up the furniture for an additional $5 million, the house and the decor is one among my favorites in the e-book, and is consistent thought. I glance through these pix for thoughts on slipcovers, upholstery, furnishings layouts, vignettes … Like I said, you cannot believe the wealth of notion in 270 pages.

The e book is properly written, witty even – and the pages are filled with insightful suggestions and tricks. Separated into more than one categories, the ebook doesn’t chronicle house after residence, but instead style after fashion. From theatrical to seduction, glamour to bohemian – the tremendous huge, superb beautiful, first-rate inspirational pics can help you with your bedroom, your lavatory, your eating room, heck, even your garden or patio!

If you’re interested in owning a book that will give you hours of enjoyable reading, years of valuable inspiration and design advice, and infinite access to the mega-talented Mary McDonald, look no further than Mary McDonald Interiors – The Allure of Style. Oh, and I hear she’s working on her second book. I can not wait! Purchase on amazon with the link below!

Happy Reading!

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