Michael G. Imber Ranches, Villas, and Houses: Elizabeth Meredith Dowling

Being born and raised in Texas, I have an affinity for ranches. Elizabeth Meredith Dowling’s new book on Texas architect Michael G. Imber: Ranches, Villas, and Houses, reveals the beautiful and captivating work that blends into the landscape of the desert southwest where I grew up. In fact, so many of the homes featured in this book are homes I’ve seen in person.

Imber, is a native of Midland, Texas – only a brief eighty miles from wherein I grew up. He studied at Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas, and after university he hung out in Europe and the USA East Coast, before being called lower back to San Antonio, Texas. If you’ve got ever met a Texan, you realize that maximum folks combat a struggle daily of being far from the ones large blue skies, and lots of us don’t stay gone for lengthy.

One of the ranches featured inside the ebook is Butcher Ranch, nestled inside the lovely Gonzales County. Gonzales is East Central Texas, proper out of doors of San Antonio. For the ones of you now not acquainted with Texas records, Gonzales is maximum famous for its volunteer armed forces, the Gonzales Rangers, who risked and in the end misplaced their lives within the Battle on the Alamo.

When Imber changed into commissioned via Wealthy Houston barge builder and land developer Milton Butcher to design a ranch home, Imber created this, his first "real" ranch residence, … And it’s been reviewed as being one of the pinnacle 100 houses inside the United States.

Another farm house, my favored inside the e-book, is in Independence, Texas. Once the wealthiest county in Texas, it is sandwiched among Austin and Houston.

With extra than 5,000 square toes, the octagonal designed residence functions a limestone outside – a staple in Texas construction. The cedar roof, multitude of windows, and sweeping views of the Brazos River Valley from the numerous porches make this a dream domestic of mine.

The ebook also functions Imber’s watercolors, which might be enormously lovely:

as well as amazingly extraordinary grand mansions or villas, which includes these brother and sister villas in Roswell, New Mexico:

Overall, the e-book is a beautiful catalog of the work of this Texas architect, constructing splendid homes – massive and small – from the rich architectural traditions of the barren region southwest. Spending time to understand the land, and the view, Imber’s paintings is both terrifi and herbal. A seamless combo into the beauty of the Southwestern Landscape.

I highly recommend this book for my Texas friends and readers, and anyone who appreciates a traditional and southwest inspired interior and exterior. Published by Rizzoli, and provided with top-shelf exposure thanks to RH Birdwell , the book is available on amazon below.

Happy Reading!

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