Million Dollar Decorators: My Take on Episode 2

Jeffrey Alan Marks worked on his LaJolla install.  Furniture alone totalled $3-million, and that gave me pause. I’m not suggesting that he’s not talented (we all know he’s beautiful), but wouldn’t we all be able to put a beautiful room together if we had $3-million to shop around the globe with? What’s worse? They (perhaps through the creative drama building editing) had nothing done with just 72-hours until they turned the house over! Oh, and yes – they’d been shopping for 3-years!? Even down to the last minute they were missing furniture. So I nearly clapped when his partner Ross said: “You can’t work on a house for three year’s and not have a bed show up!” You’re right, it would make you look like an idiot! But luckily it showed up, and the house really looked beautiful.

I’m sure that the 7-bedroom, 10-bathroom house had quite a bit of square footage to furnish – but $3-million?

Then, Nathan worked on a patio for his client Melissa. The house was in Laguna Beach with this fantastic view, and given the interior of her home, the space outside (I thought) was actually quite befitting. The antique terra cotta tile floor was stunning! But when he said that she probably spent $100,000 – I nearly spat diet coke across the room! It was beautiful, but that’s a lot of buck … for (I’m sorry Nathan, I love you) not a lotta bang. Perhaps it was the camera, the angle, the light – there’s 1,000 factors! And I looked high and low for a portfolio image to see if I was wrong … but, none to be found.

Martyn’s a choc-o-holic! Go determine!

Mary labored on the visitor residence I showed you last week. But I lvoed that she frolicked with Dan Marty at Maison Au Naturel … Course he watched her like a hawk! Did you note? She’s much like me (I can inform that because I’ve seen 2-hours of snippets of her edited persona) and she or he touches the entirety she sees! At costs like Dan’s – I assume I’d be geared up to seize a falling Ostrich egg at any time!

Suffice it to say … I don’t know that I loved the show this week. The best part was Jeffrey pushing Ross into the pool. Your thoughts?

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