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I’m sure that you all remember the Inspiring Spaces post I did on Pat and Stephanie Celii’s La Maison Home in Chadds Ford, PA. In fact, some of you loved the store, and the post so much, that you called and purchased some of the items from the photos! Lucky duck(s)!

Scott and I decided that this 12 months for Christmas, we might go to the du Pont Christmas displays, and as a consequence, I made certain to stop with the aid of my favorite save in Chadds Ford. Pat was there, beautiful as usually, with a heat smile and numerous new vignettes and objects in the shop that I knew you’d all swoon over!

Still washed in grays and whites, La Maison stays decorated for the Holiday, but has a brand new rug, cabinet, and layout making it experience like a very different space. Pat loves developing those vignettes and converting up rooms, and gets a threat to do it often – thanks to her top vicinity, unswerving clients, and the combination of Stephanie’s and her gorgeous eye for layout and decor.

I cherished the simplicity of Pat’s Christmas decor. A simple cluster of waxed fruit and savory herb leaves tied into fresh vegetables enhance the steps, at the same time as snow flocked timber and branches perch on shelves, tables; in baskets, urns, and hurricanes.

What I love most about La Maison Home is the first-rate of the furniture and decor. Pat and Stephanie discover handiest the best to place into the store, and they charge it so moderately! From French settees, to busts, and cabinets – candle hurricanes, mirrors, and bedding – you may locate certainly anything and the entirety at La Maison Home.

One factor that you may not find anywhere else are the fabulous mirrors Pat and Stephanie have in every room. Stunning and extremely big, they’re crafted from vintage home windows, doors, and pier stands.

And there’s no one which can do a vignette like Pat …

There are greater than 7 rooms of incredible beauty and precise gadgets at La Maison Home, each with their very own aptitude.

Remember this room turned into set up for a pseudo casual Thanksgiving dinner remaining time we were here for our go to – now, it’s far the right vicinity for a new hand painted sofa to take center stage. I have a feeling even though, after talking with Pat, there are changes in save for this room.

Don’t you simply love the light from that gorgeously adorned tree in the reflect? This one, along side the only in the picture above are just more than one the various fantastic mirrors you may discover at La Maison, and the way could I now not speak about the papier mache horse … In case you’ve were given the room, it is a have to have!

There’s one aspect from this room on the way to soon be making an look at CDLV. Can you guess what it’s far?

Now, you failed to assume she took out eating all together, did you? Pat and Stephanie created this eating area in one of the other rooms on the first ground. Gorgeous washed and painted furnishings, upholstered in linen and of the nice excellent – I became stunned that Pat has 10 of those chairs, priced half of of what you’d pay at Restoration Hardware.

More of her appropriate table settings and vignettes.

Looking into some other room, you get a complete view of one of the chairs. Stunning, right? I wouldn’t lead you inside the wrong route! They are stunning! I’m any such fan of the shutters you see in the again of the picture, don’t you? So specific, and finely distinctive.

Can we just talk for a 2d about the lovely juxtapose of the linen upholstered French settee and vividly coloured Middle Eastern rug? It’s a bit unexpected, proper? I mean, in maximum other shops with comparable decor, you’d see seagrass – or sisal. But that is what makes La Maison Home a lot higher than the ones other stores! It’s now not simply filled with superb objects, it is a supply of proposal for every room in your property!

Up on the second one ground, Pat and Stephanie have styled bedrooms and the room above – packed with lovely furniture, plates, candles, lamps, urns, lanterns … You name it!

I’m IN LOVE with this vintage wrought iron daybed! Simply lovely, and perfectly befit to this space. And it is even vignette’d’ for Christmas. Check out that stocking and fabric candycanes!

And of path, the blue and white room – one of my favorites, and consistent with the comments from remaining time we visited the store, a favorite of lots of yours, too! This time it’s adorned for Christmas too … Absolutely, however perfectly.

Now, as you may think, it takes a while to absolutely absorb the splendor of this save. You can stroll around for an hour earlier than even venturing up stairs! But this time, Pat and Stephanie had a tent installation off the returned of the store with a group of personal and observed items marked at enormously low prices.

Can you consider that this is in a tent? Is there anything this dynamic duo cannot style to perfection?

I became a big fan, HUGE FAN, of these glass candlesticks, and the candle rings.

Aren’t they extraordinary? Now, I desire I may want to are becoming to this in advance (but I did JUST see it, Today!) the tent sale is over Tuesday, so if you’re inside the location – otherwise you find whatever from these photographs a MUST HAVE, name Pat or Stephanie at La Maison Home: 610-338-1229 or 610-388-2552.


And in case you need to send them an email:

810 Baltimore Pike, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania 19317

If you are in the place, stop by way of and inform them I sent ya!

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