Our Outdoor Room : CDLV Pergola

I realize, you are all probable pronouncing, FINALLY! I realize I haven’t been posting enough of my own work at the weblog recently and I make an apology, honestly. I know it’s trite, however I’ve been extraordinarily busy with initiatives, volunteer committees, volunTOLD committees, and the residence has unfortunately fallen to the lowest of the listing. However, with our Garden Walk coming soon, I wanted to get out within the backyard and do some necessary smooth up. Of course, that is no a laugh! So what did I do? Well, style the pergola of direction:

Would you believe that this table was only $14? Scott and I were out and about on Memorial Day, and heard that the local thrift store was having a 50% sale. We headed over, and there was this table – white with no top – half off from $9.99. I added this irregular piece of flagstone for $9.00 and voila.

Our outside lawn has lots of yellow and white, and normally I move overboard with my annuals. This year, however, I decided to live with the gentle pinks and whites, so ferns jumbled together with dragon wing begonias, white wax leaf begonia, and creeping jenny have taken over the pots in the backyard and underneath the pergola. (More of the garden coming soon!)

Pretty nice, huh? I’m extraordinarily happy with it considering it began out looking like this:

Yes, I’m serious! What do you think?

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