Paule Marrot – Jumping Off of a Bridge

Do you don’t forget your parent saying to you "If all of your pals jumped off a bridge, might you leap, too?" Perhaps you have got stated that to your own kids. It appears to be the same old parental retort to "however all my friends did it."

Design by using Mark D. Sikes

I’m positive that lots of you bear in mind this photo. It become taken by way of Lonny for the function that they did on Mark lower back in 2012. This changed into the black bed room each person loved, and the room that stimulated me to paint my vintage bedroom black. During the redecoration of his residence, he had this room swathed in Pierre Frey tree of life fabric.

Design by using Mark D. Sikes

The desk and art turned into changed by way of this massive Chinoiserie Wedding Cabinet, however many people never forgot the picture black and white artwork that changed into placing there before the redo. The piece became a Paule Marrot print of original material designed by means of the artist, which you could nonetheless purchase Thru Natural Curiousities here for approximately $three,000. For those of you surprising, Marrot become a Parisian fabric fashion designer whose fabric received extensive recognition within the Fifties.

Shortly after we discovered that Mark turned into switching up things in his house, this picture showed up:

Paloma Contreras of La Dolce Vita Blog

Houston primarily based fashion designer and blogger Paloma Contreras, is very vocal approximately her friendship with Mark and how he has served as a mentor to her. She had a Marrot, similar to Mark’s, over her sofa for her function in Domino Magazine.

Design by using Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler sold the same collection through his keep for some time, and right here it’s miles styled with his brass portions and fabric.

Design through Susana Chango

Brooklyn clothier Susana Chango used the Marrot on this open ground plan apartment. I in reality honestly just like the piece here.

Design by means of Martin Raffone Design / William Mcintosh Design

From Brooklyn to Marrakesh, the Marrot pops up in this sitting room designed by means of Martin Raffone, and featured in Elle Decor.


Here the Marrot is used for styling a photoshoot for Homes and Gardens magazine.

Styling by using Coco Republic

And Australian layout house and retail keep Coco Republic used it within the styling of an condo they have been commissioned to design in Australia.

Design by way of Jahanna L Nichols Interior Design

Jahanna L. Nichols used it in her customer’s entry way, and beneath Nina Marie Nash makes use of it in her Atlanta shop.

Design via Nina Marie Nash

Design by way of Will Meyers

Looking a chunk specific, hung on it’s facet, Will Meyers hangs it inside the kitchen of his Manhattan condo.

Natural Curiosities Show Room

And here’s what it looks like, putting on the market within the Natural Curiosities showroom. But the Marrot in black and white is not the most effective one it is being bought by using Natural Curiosities and utilized by designers again and again and yet again.

Design by Barry Dixon

You might remember this House Beautiful cover room by Barry Dixon from way back in September of 2011. The art is Paule Marrot’s “Feathers” and it’s been used and photographed even more than the abstract.

Design by way of Elizabeth Schmidt

Design by using Jennifer Barron Interiors

Design by using Carrie Hatfield

Design by using Rob Stuart

Design by Tamara Eaton

Design with the aid of Suzanne Kasler

Design by means of Mandy Rye of Waiting On Martha Blog

Design by means of Maggie Cruz

And the listing actually goes on, and on. I may want to take up pages of the weblog with posted pictures of those two portions, however I might not. I think you get the point. My query to you is: might you do it? Just because all of us else has a Paule Marrot, do you need one, too?

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