Ralph Lauren Home’s Bohemian Ile Saint-Louis

You know I love Ralph Lauren Home products. I’ve blogged about them a lot, even cataloging some of the most amazing Ralph Lauren Home collections throughout the years here and here . While they are all outstanding, I tend to truly covet the more bohemian of the collections.

Through the years, we’ve had La Boheme:

A fabulous series of jewel toned, and worldly tribal fabric mixed with gilded antiques and modern-day art. Of direction, the layering upon layering is what makes this really bohemian, that subtle blend of color, texture, and style that only the great minds over at Ralph Lauren seem to have the ability to tug off.

We also had the New Bohemian collection:

A dirtier, much less delicate collection than La Boheme, however nevertheless lovable, and nevertheless mixing those genres and textures and patterns considering that bohemian-glam look that Ralph Lauren has made so covetable. One of my favorites, if now not the favourite, St. Germaine:

Another cute collection of things new and old, rough and subtle, high-priced and destined for the trash – all paired up together and layered upon layered to create this intimate enjoy. And sincerely, is not that what we all want out of our homes? Perfection without having to be ideal?

So, after I popped in on Ralph Lauren Home to look what collections they had for Spring/Summer 2014, I become so satisfied to peer some other bohemian area, this time known as Ile Saint-Louis:

Gorgeous, right? As I soaked up these images, and looked, then relooked at the detail of each one, it seemed as if all at once, my idea of the Ralph Lauren bohemian “look” shifted. What I had remembered of collections like La Boheme, New Bohemian, and St. Germain, these over-filled, over-decorated, over-layered rooms, so beautifully hoarded – had collectively sealed my idea of what bohemian rooms should look like. Yet here we are, with Ile Saint-Louis, delicately spare in decoration, simply styled, and devoid of overpowering layers, and the bohemian look still rings true, shining through in every image.

Industrial tables combined with French antiques, linens mixed with cashmere and velvets, observed items blended with off the rack specials, it proves that frequently you don’t want a room packed with gadgets for it to be beautiful. More over, you do not want all of your objects to be vintage, or unique. Quite the alternative, occasionally you’ve got to interrupt up those antiques with ultra-modern off the shelf specials and visa versa so as for a room to feel definitely collected, and … Unique.

Yes, indeed, there may be usually plenty to examine from the incredible designers over at Ralph Lauren who placed those lovely visual feasts together for us every season. For extra in this one, and to peer the opposite much less bohemian series for Spring/Summer 2014, visit RalphLaurenHome.Com.

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