Reese Witherspoon’s House in Nashville

So, I may be the only person who remembers this – quite possibly the only person who cares – but I found all sorts of information that was entirely too good to be true and I had to share with someone! Reese Witherspoon (one of my favorite people ever) grew up in Nashville, TN and most of her family still lives there. In 2014, E! News dropped the story  that Reese had purchased a fixer upper in the tony Oak Hill section of Nashville (photo above). The house was large, was far from the road, and had a large parcel of land. It was a wise choice for a celebrity, as there are in fact, several other celebrities with homes in the same neighborhood.

After she opened up her stores, Draper James , in Nashville and then in Dallas – each being designed by Mark D. Sikes , I think we all sorta knew that she’d lean on him for decor in the new house. But when install pictures recently surfaced of the house online, investigative decor bloggers began scratching their heads. And by the way, it’s me , I’m investigative decor bloggers.

It all started with Reese and pictures she posted to Instagramthis past Christmas.

Anyone with 1/2 a brain knew that there was no way it changed into the equal house. It failed to mean that it become HER residence, however it definitely wasn’t the equal residence the E! (and approximately a zillion other locations) dropped the pin on. For one issue, the staircase was on the other side of the lobby. So, it had investigative decor bloggers wondering – what befell to the fixer higher?

A little digging (ok, A LOT of digging) revealed that Reese sold the fixer in June of this year, and it seems without making many improvements. A quiet, off-market deal between Reese and former pro-football player Jared Scot Allen. Since retiring from the game, Jared has been working really hard with the worthwhile Homes for Wounded Warriors   charity he created in 2009.

I’m now not positive whether they intend on renovating the house as Reese did, or if they will be the usage of the belongings for something else. Either manner – Reese parted approaches, however wherein turned into this Christmas photoshoot residence? AND was it decorated but?

Well – what kind of investigative decor blogger might I be if I didn’t have these solutions for you? Not a very good one. So right here we go with a few development photos as I found them on-line. Obviously, I’m no longer the one who took these pics, so I’m simply placing them accessible as I determined them – scattered throughout instagram and the web!

So here is a near up of Reese together with her candy French Bulldog with the Draper James blue and white check bags which can be SO lovely dotting the staircase.

And in case you again out of that shot a bit, the full lobby. Eagle eye viewers obviously don’t need ME to factor any of this out, but you can see the glass door on the left of the staircase in Reese’s image, too.

And boop-edy-boop-boop-boop! Where the prior owner had a console table, there is now a high-arm serpentine back settee with yellow upholstery and navy blue legs on the patchwork rush rug that Jeffrey Bilhuber made so popular. A screenshot from decorator Mark D. Sikes’ instagram , you can see the dining room and formal living room in this picture, too!

The formal residing room earlier than. Lots of superb light, massive windows, and hearth. Small, however who desires a large formal residing room?

Even Mark liked the light! This is unfortunately the only photo of the room, but from the reflection in the mirror over the settee in the foyer, you can see that the room is painted a bright but not at all offensive sunshine yellow. The color reminds me a lot of this room he did for a client in Birminham, Alabama not too long ago!

The couch is one he is used before, too.

Remember that beautiful house in Montecito he did for clothier Karen Kane? It’s a good frame, I’d use it again, too!

Again, from the foyer we were given to look into the eating room a piece.

Check out the element on the ones curtains! Europleated with a tape detail on the pinnacle, the folds have tassel trim to the floor!

The residence is honestly damaged into a formal vicinity, with a big open lobby and large winding staircase, and then into family area that is an awful lot much less formal – extra open idea, whole with a personal circle of relatives stair to the second one floor. I’m no longer one hundred% certain, but I trust that that is a sneak peek at this area:

Blue and white, of route! The rest of the residence changed into kept a mystery, I mean so much of it was! Even these little snips don’t give you a great deal.

The main bedroom. Note that window to the left of the mattress. Got it?

You betcha behind, identical window! Beautiful drapes and a completely exact paint remedy on this room round all of the prevailing moldings.

And the fireside mantel. Which became switched out, due to the fact the vintage one:

Not nearly as pretty. I just have to take a minute here. Can you imagine having a bedroom THIS BIG!? I think this is larger than my apartment. And that trumeau mirror and sconces are very pretty. Somebody send those to Joni Webb .Just saying.

The access corridor in that large bed room suite. This arch become introduced. You can see the authentic access was rectangular from the mirrored image in that pretty mirror! Through that door at the give up of the hall you get out into that stunning stairwell with the formal staircase up the front.

Yep! The entire foyer, first and second floor, covered in this beautiful paper by Quadrille . There are a lot of pretty moments in the house, and I am very excited to see this beauty either in his new book, online portfolio, or a magazine. The moment I’m dying to see?

This is the kitchen BEFORE! I realize, I recognise. I’m thinking it TOO! This would not sense like that house at all. Nor does it feel like candy little ole’ Reese-y-Peace-y. It certain as heck doesn’t appear like Mark. But so far, nada has been shared. Absolutely NADA!

I’ll hold my eye on it for ya, ’cause exact investigative decor bloggers do these items. Oh and we paint. YES! I recognize you’re not right here for my paintings. You’re right here for the loose chips and salsa. BUT allow me clue you in a bit something-some thing reason I really like you, and so I do that sorta aspect. I will have fewer paper pieces in 2020, and they may be greater steeply-priced. So now is PRIME time to get your self an unique piece of my art for 2019 expenses – and assist me pay off my scholar mortgage debt. Anyone got a direct line to Fanny Mae? Have her purchase some!



Or trap me on the roadside stand

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You know when I’m not painting or doing my investigative decor blogging, I’m truly precise at describing all varieties of smells, good – bad – detached. But this one is ideal. DREAMY sorta correct. It’s citrus, however no longer like lemon citrus. More like a virtually ripe basket of citrus end result. All the citrus end result. Like a crisp fall day in Italy with a basket of fresh picked lemons and limes and persimmons. It’s smooth and sweet smelling, but now not candy candy or perfume candy. Like find it irresistible all day long I want to shop for a Bentley sweet.

Also, to shop for a Bentley, I’d want to sell 7,143 artwork. Just saying!

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