Simply Serene: Thomas Pheasant

Thomas Pheasant is an award winning interior designer, with a soft, polished, sophisticated style that is simply, serene. So, his new book Simply Serene is the perfect title, and the perfect book for those of you who love gorgeous interiors!

Pheasant is known for his neutral rooms: lotions, whites, and taupes made perfect through the complicated mix of textures and addition of incredible artwork and lights. With a style described as "modern-day classical" he resultseasily blends traditional architecture and conventional strains with contemporary artwork and a monochromatic shade scheme making for a beautiful portfolio – and a richly entertaining, 336 page e-book filled with concept and beauty.

This foyer, a wonderful example of that neutral, monochromatic room that Pheasant is known for, is absolutely gorgeous. Richly traditional architecture with that amazing mill work and moulding, combined with modern furniture and an impressive collection of artist pottery and modern art. Yes, Pheasant’s style is impressive and unique, and Simply Serene catalogs that style beautifully.

The images of the e-book is via Thomas Pheasant and Durston Saylor, and every photograph flawlessly captures the existence of the room, clearly permitting the eye to investigate each inch of the page, gaining knowledge of from each corner of Pheasant’s portfolio.

There’s a lot to take from this inspiring book and upload to your home; from styling recommendations to ideas on how to make a neutral and monochromatic shade scheme paintings in any room.

Pheasant teaches thru his e-book that impartial does not should mean beige. In this room, completed in sweet blues, and styled with blush peonies, Thomas suggests us that we don’t must be frightened of color – we just must recognize how to use it, with a view to still achieve that restful, serene space we’re hoping to create.

Recognized by Architectural Digest as one of the Deans of American Design, and winner of the Andrew Martin International Designer of the Year award in 2005, Thomas is highly regarded and endorsed. And I’ll add my name to that list of those who praise and endorse, gladly. If you are an interior designer, a decorator, someone who just loves your house … you can learn a great deal from Simply Serene. I’ve used the book on multiple occasions to inspire clients, make drapery and slipcover accent decisions (see the chairs and ottomans above) and furniture arrangements. I also love his simple but well-layered vignettes and styling for the photos – and if you have a blog, or like to photograph your home, you know how having an endless catalog of vignette and styling ideas really comes in handy!

The book also functions black and white photography of a number of Pheasant’s rooms. I love the addition of those in Pheasant’s book because his rooms are so impartial the architecture virtually shines. The black and white pix assist to show that architecture even extra – like those fabulous iron and glass access doors within the image above. They also might be framed and hung gallery style! (I don’t advise deconstructing this book!)

Whether you use design books for reference, for ideas, for inspiration or just to have a beautiful coffee table book – Simply Serene will be a perfect addition, no matter if you have traditional, contemporary, modern, or eclectic design sensibilities. I happily tell you that it’s a must read, and you can purchase via the amazon link below!

Happy Reading!

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