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If you’re following me on Instagram , you’ve already seen this. But – for those of you who aren’t on instagram – and for those of you who follow so many people things get lost in the shuffle, I present to you a sneak peek at the new decor of my living room.

I know you have been wondering what the heck turned into occurring over right here and so I parent it became possibly excellent to polish things up a bit and get a sneak peek image for y’all to take in until I get all of it pulled collectively.

One thing I learned living in a space that is about 830 square feet (BTW: That’s smaller than some of these other blogger’s bedrooms) is that every room needs to have function. I fought against that for a long time, deciding I needed to have pretty photos for the blog and instagram, and leaving more than 1/2 of the VERY SMALL apartment unused most of the time, although inspiring.

So with a new goal in mind – having functional and beautiful spaces – I switched it up. I’m still not finished, but in this view you can take in what has probably become my favorite piece of furniture, a Scandinavian pine cupboard turned television cabinet. It’s the PERFECT size to hold nearly all of the design books I kept after paring down, and random TV equipment. Wires from the television are hidden as best as possible with beautiful coffee table books and a bowl I bought in Lima, Peru filled with moss.

Another of my trinkets in the background, a 200 POUND concrete urn, with the most beautiful patina holds a dracena tree that I’ve yet to kill over that last 3-years, potted with fresh moss I collected from around trees in our neighborhood.

The space will characteristic slipcovered furniture basically due to the ease of washing as we stay with rambunctious pups. The chairs seen here are performed in the most glorious colour of gray linen. The same gray, thankfully and unplanned, because the cotton roller sunglasses you see on the windows. Curtains are not, that area now packed with artwork and sun-washed turtle shells.

I’m nevertheless seeking out a big deacons bench for in the front of the window, with a view to have a striped linen cushion, and some gorgeous vintage textile pillows.

Wanna store the appearance?

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