Thank you … and onward to New Beginnings

I desired to spend a little time today to thank each and each certainly one of you who both left a comment right here at the blog, or who emailed me in my view along with your heartfelt sympathy regarding my dear, candy Abby.

It’s so comforting, and heartwarming to recognize that there are such splendidly being concerned humans inside the global! I want you all to know that your phrases of encouragement, and the memories which you’ve shared about your own four-legged friends, each residing and watching over you, have made this enjoy simpler to deal with.

I recognize you all, and I am grateful on your friendship and thoughtfulness throughout this time.


Many of you have probable discerned from my latest posts that I am now not dwelling at CDLV. After nearly nine years, Scott and I have mutually agreed that it became quality to preserve our dating as buddies.

I discovered lots about myself, my talent, my skills operating inside the rooms of CDLV. But I continually felt like there had been barriers I couldn’t push, recommendations I needed to follow, a field that could not be a shade of gray, it needed to be both black or white. It turned into a aggregate of factors, but on the whole due to the restrictions of the distance. With it is orange-hued woodwork, and dark rooms – the residence could not be the fun and colourful space that I truely wanted it to be. And at the same time as it continually felt soulful, it additionally felt old. (Not the coolest antique, either!)

My new space is coming collectively. It’s a transitional space that I plan on sharing quickly.

I have not yet determined if I must do that here, inside the framework of this blog, Color Outside the Lines, which have been solely devoted to CDLV, or in a new blog, with a extraordinary call and a exceptional appearance. At any price, at the same time as I decide on those things and paintings in this new space – I hope you will keep to observe along, taking part in the foundation, till the time comes that I feel it is right to open up the doorways and let you all in, be it here, or in an entire new placing.

Now, for you to flow forward, permit’s get lower back to what this blog is all about, lets? Beautiful and inspiring areas!

Today, instead of plenty of photos from one of a kind areas, I desired to percentage with you one space that I currently rediscovered and definitely fell in love with all yet again. I used to crave spaces like this, but being the realist that I am, in no way stored the pics due to the fact I never notion that that they had be an choice for me. Now, they’re … And so, I come up with the Austin domestic, of Shabby Slips owner, Renea Abbott and husband Greg Manteris as featured within the Houston Chronicle, her web site, Papercity Magazine online, photographer Jordan Polevoy, and pinterest via manner of blogland’s Cote de Texas, and others. Enjoy!

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