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I’m three/4 completed with the damage down of Christmas inside the Living room, tense to get it all wiped clean and removed so that I can paintings on setting collectively the "new appearance" that I’ve had on steady playback in my thoughts since Saturday. What’s that? How approximately a touch, or 6:

What do these vastly special rooms have in common, and why would they encourage my living room? Well, Saturday after dinner, Scott and I stopped at Barnes and Noble to test out the most modern indoors layout books and mags, and I got here throughout a large Taschen calendar. Marked 50% off, I picked it up to begin with thinking it might make a terrific calendar for my workplace, until I began to intently observe the photos inside:

The prints measure 12×15, an bizarre size for framing a good way to make for custom order mats, however with 12 excellent prints costing little greater than $1 each, how could I move incorrect? So, now, they take a seat awaiting their custom mats, and then to be grouped above the fireplace, while the excess Christmas decor sits in totes, waiting to be trudged through a foot and a 1/2 of snow to the garage. Oy ve! Will it ever stop?

A lovely series of first-rate prints from Edward Lear’s lithographic plates published in a completely rare and tremendously coveted e-book from 1832. Lear’s paintings has been severely acclaimed as possibly the quality ever published on the parrot own family (Psittacidae) and a few of the best work on birds (all genus) ever produced. What I discovered maximum notable, changed into that Lear surely sketched and set up colour from observing live, captive, birds. Most artists of that technology sketched from taxidermy. Lear suffered from asthma and epilepsy, however sketched maximum of these (possibly the maximum accurate and beautiful ever sketched) from age 18-20 while operating with the London Zoological Society. I’m continuously amazed with the aid of the willpower and perseverance of fantastic artists.

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