Who doesn’t like a Sale??

Shipping Costs include Insurance at the Retail Value

Item# C53AB

Overall Height: eleven.Seventy five"

$one hundred thirty

$sixty nine

Beautiful Peacock Inspired Cross atop an antique bottle stamped: "L. Lewellyn Phila PA"

Item # L63L

Overall Height: 12"


$seventy four

Unique triple peak teardrop move on antique california stamped bottle

Item# TRIP2

Overall Height: 14"


$seventy eight

Smaller teardrop move atop crystal dagger with octagonal accents, perched on superbly patinaed bitters bottle.

Item# D494D

Overall Height: 12.Seventy five"



Simple 5 teardrop pass on antique glass listerine pharmacy bottle

Item# L495P

Overall Height: 10.25"

$a hundred and fifteen


Cross crafted from rosette crystals atop a vintage glass listerine pharmacy bottle

Item# RS32P

Overall Height: 9"

$a hundred and fifteen


Ring of teardrop and octagonal crystals atop an antique Easy Bright Polish Bottle

Item# R76P

Overall Height: 12.75

$one hundred seventy


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