Winterthur Weekend: Tuesday Inspiring Spaces by Thomas Jayne

When New York-based interior designer Thomas Jayne spoke at the Winterthur conference: “Chic it Up” I paid close attention. His lecture was mostly about the homes featured in his new book: “The Finest Rooms in America ” but also about the elements of creating a fine home. I knew that when I got back, he’d have to be one of our Tuesday Inspiring Spaces posts.

What I discovered most fascinating, was the influence of Winterthur’s rooms designed by H.F. Du Pont on Jayne. Now, without a doubt, he has drawn suggestion from many outstanding designers, having worked below Albert Hadley, Sister Parish, and Kevin McNamara. His rooms are filled with the best of antiques, vintage artwork, and lovely accents hand picked together with his very own playful eclecticism and educated curatorial eye.

I love his fashion, and I understand you’ll too. Though those singular rooms may overall extra than what lots of us might spend when we purchase our first domestic, you will genuinely take masses of concept in the colours, space making plans, and playful aggregate of antiques and contemporary portions. Enjoy.

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